New FRENSON JetBlack Wide sviedru lenta

The FRENSON® JetBlack Wide headband is practical, thin and soft headband, perfect for competitions and workouts.  It fits You all year long, both indoors and outdoors. 
It's made of insulating, elastic, breathable fabric. On the inside the fabric features a brushed inner layer of microfiber, created to offer extra comfort, while You are enjoying favorite activities and hobbies.
During warm days headband prevents sweat and moisture from sliding into the eyes, but during the cold time it keeps ears warm and safe.
Suitable for every activity imaginable: orienteering, running, cycling workouts, bike commutes to work, hikes with friends, cross-country skiing, cross-fit activities, etc.

  • Fits all four seasons thanks to its durability
  • Protects ears from the winter cold
  • Comfortable and light-weight material
  • Breathable high-quality fabric repels moisture and sweat
  • Washing machine compatible and dries fast
  • Made of highly elastic fabric and fits very well for children and adults.
  • Width: 10cm

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FRENSON JetBlack Wide sviedru lenta

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