The FRENSON FOCUS FogFree orienteering glasses are true anti-fog sports glasses with ventilation holes to prevent glasses from fogging up, especially when it's raining or humid.

The FRENSON FOCUS FogFree features a lens with ventilation hole, with the top portion of the lens  used for distance vision and a magnification area at the bottom for close-range. You can read your map or bike GPS/computer while running, hiking or cycling.

These FRENSON FOCUS FogFree orienteering glasses are lightweight, made from impact-resistant polycarbonate material, with shatterproof lenses. They also feature an adjustable, non-slip neoprene lace for a perfect, custom fit.

Available in multiple magnification levels. Delivered with neoprene lace in the protective pouch.



Brand:         FRENSON

Model:         FOCUS FogFree

Gender:                 Unisex

Lens type:         Clear, fogfree, with ventilation hole

Magnification levels: +1.0 ,+1.5,+2.0,+2.5,+3.0

Fit:                 All sizes, adjustable neoprene lace

Lens material: Polycarbonate



About FRENSON® - Run With Confidence

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